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Young people and their social rights [VIDEO]

“Youth and their social rights” was the topic of the debate in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where representative of the Municipality of Bitola discussed along with other representatives of local governments and youth organisation. Gordana Cvetkovska Boshevska attended the debate together with representatives from Great Britain, Portugal, Finland, France, The Nederland, Turkey, Chechnya

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Public discussion on the draft text of the National Youth Strategy 2016-2025

The members of the Local Youth Council of Bitola took an active part in the public debate for the draft text of the National Youth Strategy, where they made their contribution to the successful creation of a new National Youth Strategy and better conditions for young people in the upcoming 10 years. The LYC is directly affect

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Youth Council of Bitola marks the European Day Without Cars

This year Bitola has joined the celebration of the "European Mobility Week", conveying a strong message that cars should be used responsibly by selecting the "smart" way of transport, which means to use the advantages of the modern urban lifestyles, but also to care about

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